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Thank you for stopping by our blog. We will be keeping you updated with new products, links to check out, information you will find interesting and much more.

But first, a little about the creation of our company. Our founder, Aaron Smith, is a Disabled Veteran of the United States Air Force. He was a leader and an aircraft mechanic. This led him to become a master craftsman, working with his hands to design unique works of art in various mediums. Over the years he has met other craftsmen in specialized fields that were just selling their products by word of mouth.

With the onset of Covid-19, Aaron realized that he could combine his leadership skills with his love of handcrafted items to create a team of artisans. He decided to form a business where he could showcase their items and get them the exposure their work deserved.

Through this humble beginning, Twisted Crystal Artisans, LLC was formed. We feature the exclusive artwork of our premier artisans, Troy Burris, and Matt Smith. We are launching our line of t-shirts in early October featuring the design work of both of our artists. Canvas prints of some of Troy’s artwork is featured in our shop. We also offer highly fashionable face masks made in the USA from our local seamstress that come with cord stoppers, making them adjustable to fit everyone.

Future expansions will include resin pours, blown glass jewelry and design pieces just to name a few. Aaron and his marketing team are always on the lookout for new talent to team up with and feature on our site.

By going through the proper channels to create and launch his business, he has also designed consulting services through the TCA branch of our company. Our consulting will not only assist others in setting up their own business but will offer website design and marketing consultation to new and existing businesses. This will help others with start-ups and explore new possibilities for growth.

Aaron has a gift of seeing the potential in others. This makes for an excellent team. There is one thing he learned years ago and still believes it to be true: “The only way to be successful in this life is to involve yourself with others who are successful”

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog.

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