The Future of the Art World

IBISWorld recently released a market research report about the Art Dealers Industry in the United States. The report shows what impact Covid-19 has had on the art industry. Numbers have been rising steadily, surpassing 64.1 billion in sales in 2019. It also shows that revenue is expected to decline 2.2% in 2020 due to the state of the economy.

With social distancing and quarantine requirements, many art dealers have closed their galleries. Traditionally speaking, artwork experiences its best sales during October, November, and December. Wall hangings, canvas prints and lithographs are just a few of the ways people can promote up and coming artists by giving their work as gifts during this time of year without breaking the bank.

When researching the various options for our artists, we find that canvas prints are one of the best ways to create works of art that are budget friendly but still display the fine workmanship that goes into each piece. Prints are versatile with the different topics and themes that can be displayed. They are very budget friendly and glare-free. Making them a win-win as a perfect gift.

Many famous artists create masterpieces that are in high demand creating a need for availability of their work at a good price.  Many artists only release a limited number of prints from their original pieces for the holiday season. Our artists also adhere to this practice. Each print will be signed by the artist and numbered.  This will allow them to give others the chance to own some of their artwork without having to pay the high prices that the original artwork commands.

With Christmas just around the corner, we are getting excited to introduce more unique pieces from our premier artists. Stay tuned for some of the fun things we have in store.

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